Understand your pipeline at a glance

In today's market conditions, building a strong business case is critical. We help identify deals that are at risk, and give curated suggestions on how to strengthen the opportunity.

Whether its additional discovery questions to deepen your understanding of the customer's pain points, identifying the lack of an economic buyer, or flagging that a deal should be disqualified, Fabius puts the best course of action directly into the hands of your reps. All without you needing to spend hours watching call recordings!

Detailed analysis of every opportunity

In depth analysis of what resonates with the customer, what metrics are critical to their business, and more. Be able to easily make decisions and take actions on every deal.

The objective state of a deal delivered directly to your inbox

Fabius provides real-time coaching and analysis after every customer call. Reps and managers can quickly understand the state of an opportunity, identify risks, and determine the next set of actions that will lead to the highest likelihood of closing a deal.

Our models are trained on your business and market, so we can easily identify things like feature selling, lack of clear metrics and KPIs and more.